A mix of documents including meeting minutes and MUBS governing documents will go here. 


BUB Minutes 18th January 2015
BUB Minutes 16th February 2015
BUB Minutes 28th April 2015
BUB Minutes 2nd June 2015
BUB Minutes 7th July 2015
BUB Minutes 16th August 2015
Executive Meeting Minutes 2nd September 2015
BUB Minutes 14th September 2015
Executive Meeting Minutes 28th October 2015
BUB Minutes 2nd November 2015
Executive Meeting Minutes 18th November 2015
BUB Minutes 27th November 2015
Executive Meeting Minutes 13th December 2015 
BUB Minutes 16th December 2015
BUB Minutes 21st January 2016
Executive Minutes 21st January 2016
BUB Minutes 18th February 2016
Executive Meeting Minutes 18th February 2016
BUB Minutes 11th March 2016
Executive Meeting Minutes 25th March 2016
BUB Minutes 8th April 2016
Executive Meeting Minutes 20th April 2016
BUB Minutes 13th May 2016
Executive Meeting Minutes 20th May 2016
BUB Meeting 23 June 2016
Executive Meeting Minutes 14th June 2016
BUB Meeting 20th July 2016
Executive Meeting Minutes 15th August 2016 
BUB Meeting 30th August 2016
Executive Meeting Minutes 12th September 2016 
BUB Meeting 20th September 2016
BUB Meeting 26th October 2016


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