Here are some questions we find ourselves answering. If you've got some more, please let us know.

Q: Am I a MUBS member?
A: As soon as you are enrolled in a Monash Berwick course, you are a MUBS member

Q: Do I need to pay?
A: Being a MUBS member is free

Q: Where is MUBS on campus?
A: We're located in Building 902 on the Ground Floor. Our Office Manager's office is at the bottom of the stairs, and our office is directly opposite. Otherwise, the student lounge is where we're based

Q: What does MUBS stand for?
A: Monash Union of Berwick Students

Q: What services are on campus?
A: Check out our Contacts Page to see what we've got on campus

Q: Who runs MUBS?
A: A democratically elected committee of Berwick students runs MUBS, with the help of 2 employees and some contractors.

Q: How are you funded?
A: Students pay a Student Services and Amenities Fee and a percentage of that goes towards each campus-based Student Association

Q: Who are the other Monash Student Organisations?

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