Monday, 7 March 2016

Monash Berwick Closure

Monash University’s Vice Chancellor has announced today that Monash University will be walking away from the Berwick campus prior to the end of 2018.

The Berwick campus is no longer a priority for the university, nor has it been for the past two years. Today’s announcement is a result of a failed attempt for Victoria University to move into the campus.

Monash University has decided that while they will leave by the end of 2018, they will still continue conversations with interested higher education providers.

The new students to Berwick in 2016 will be mostly unaffected by the changes. The main impact is on the 2016 intake of Education students who will be relocated to Clayton in their final year, whereas the Business students will be able to complete their studies at Berwick.

“This is a shattering outcome for students, given how stressful this period of uncertainty has already been,” MUBS President, Tyrone Badar said.

The Vice Chancellor mentioned that a lack of student experience is a driving force as to why Monash University has come to this conclusion.

Over the weekend, various political representatives have come out to voice their concern for Monash leaving the campus. MUBS has spent the past two years engaging them with our concerns for the university’s lack of interest in the campus.

While we appreciate they are voicing concerns now, this is too little, too late. Monash University Berwick Campus’ staff and students have been left without support.

“MUBS has been asking for help and support for at least two years from local representatives,” Tyrone said.

“This last-minute attempt to raise concern shows how university is not prioritised by our local politicians.

“Given how fast this area is growing and the potential our campus has, it’s a massive disappointment.”

Since we began raising our concerns with the university, various officials have promised that all students will be able to finish their degrees at Monash University, taught by Monash staff who will not be asked to leave, and that students will graduate with Monash degrees should they achieve the requirements.

MUBS will continue to represent students by advocating for these promises are kept to ensure Berwick students don’t experience a similar process to the poorly managed exit from Gippsland.

View media release here and our Twitter feed here

The Vice Chancellor has promised formal consultation throughout March and said reasons stem from lack of student experience and the higher ATAR requirement of Monash excluding potential students in the south east.

Contact Person:
Tyrone Badar
(03) 9904 7204


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