Sunday, 11 October 2015

Election Results

Congratulations to all who ran for positions for the 2016 Committee.

To see the Declaration of Election, please click here

The elected 2016 MUBS Committee is as follows:

President: Tyrone Badar
Vice President (Engagement): Kate Rooney
Vice President (Admin & Finance): Mary Robinson
Vice President (Wellbeing): Kat Dent
MAPPS Coordinator: James Blaney
BISA Coordinator: Domenica Vaca
Clubs & Societies Coordinator: Emma Peacock
Social Coordinator: Taylor Holland
Engagement Representative: Jack Taylor
Wellbeing Representative: Jess Evans

In 2016, we'll say farewell to some old members and hello to some new faces. The 2016 team begins in their roles as of 1 November, so their contact details and this website will be updated after then.


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