Friday, 15 May 2015

Monash University Berwick update

Statement from MUBS President

Monash University has decided that it is no longer, and may have never been, the University to deliver Tertiary Education to the south-east. While they are engaging in discussions to ensure that higher education is accessible in the south-east, they no longer wish to own a campus within this growth corridor. Despite this, they believe they will continue to cater to the needs of the south-east.

This means that Monash has decided to leave the Berwick campus, before the campus has even been given the chance to flourish. Campus plans and projections used to show that this campus could be as big as other larger Monash campuses in coming years, however a lack of investment and the fluidity of programs being offered has drastically shifted these outcomes.

When raising issues faced by Monash Berwick students to our Federal MP, Jason Wood, particularly around the time of the 2014 Federal Budget, we were met with relative silence. One meeting on April 28 2014 occurred after correspondence and a few emails followed this, which only resulted in an undocumented phone call telling me these concerns would be followed up with the Minister. Berwick students are still waiting for that response.

Monash University and the Federal Government are failing Berwick students and indeed the south-east Victorian growth corridor. This area deserves a Group of Eight university. We deserve opportunities, and world-class education is one of the many areas that needs to be invested in.

The only guarantees we currently have are that every Monash Berwick student will be able to finish their degrees at Berwick, taught by Monash staff who will not be asked to leave, and students will graduate with Monash degrees should they achieve the requirements. The closure of the Gippsland campus suggests we should take these guarantees with caution and fight to ensure that should something happen, that Monash University is held to their word.

We ask that Monash University reconsiders leaving this campus and is always clear on their actions and timeframe, given that we feel they are leaving the campus before it has had the proper attention paid to it. There has been years of rumours circulating, with far too much talk and no action. Therefore, we ask the Federal Government, what they are doing to ensure that all people in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne have access to a high-quality tertiary education through a Group of Eight university. 

For more details, contact:
Dani Rothwell 
(03) 9904 7204

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Monash Berwick students deserve answers

For far too long, rumours have been circulating that Monash has plans to sell or allow another institution to use the Monash Berwick facility. For far too long, Monash University has provided no answers. 
Staff and students are concerned about their futures and the best response provided by the university is "consultations will begin mid-year".
Monash Berwick students deserve better than this.
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Monday, 19 January 2015

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